Privacy Policy

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Your privacy is critically important to us. 

All the information or the data shared by the customer to the CSFY Company is guaranteed to be safe always all the way. We never share your information with anybody else unless we are legally forced under legal orders to do so. We may only share your information with the legal officials only and only if the officials will have the proper order for getting so. Our website is well protected, and so your information and data are.

Your information provided to us are used mostly for maintaining the records by the company so that it may be easier for us to identify you the next time you get to contact with us.

The information you provided are also used for notifying you about the new things updated in our business and services. We are always trying to improve our services and so your information can also be used to invite you to give feedback or the suggestion so that we can improve our services further.  Also, time to time we run the various surveys related to our company, and we expect our customers to support us by participating in such surveys, and so their information can be used to make them participate in those surveys.

Here at CSFY you are asked to provide the information like contact number, email address, name, age, etc. We have the authorized customer support number to make contact to the customers, and we never call our customers from any of the private numbers other than mentioned on our Websites. So if you get any such calls in the name of our company from any of the private numbers you should report us asap.

Also, none of our Executives are authorised to ask you about the payment related details. If you are asked any such details then you should immediately inform us about the same, and also you should not provide any payment related information like card number, etc to any of our executives.