How To Jailbreak Firestick

How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick

Hello, and welcome you all my lovely readers. I hope you all are doing well. Today, in this article I’m gonna cover the most trending topic How to Jailbreak Fire Stick, which is really going to be beneficial for most of Fire Stick users.

I am “Bryan Cranston” A “Tech Blogger” who have been writing Tech blogs for years, as a freelancer, and today I am going to discuss what are the Jailbroken Fire Stick and also the easiest way to Jailbreak Fire Stick.

What you just need to do is to read this full article very carefully, and very soon you will find that how the work gets going what you want to do.

So, the very first thing you need to know is What is Jailbreak Fire Stick, and what can a jailbroken Fire Stick do. After that, I will let you know how to Jailbreak the Amazon Fire Stick.

Let’s see

What is Jailbreak Firestick and what can a Jailbreak Firestick do.

Jailbreaking the Fire Stick is one of the most trending searches today in the world of Fire Stick. “Jailbreak” as the world itself looks like, it’s a bit illegal, but not fully actually. It is just a way to get access to those facilities of your Fire Stick that you could get after paying  some amount  for the service, but what are you doing here actually through Jailbreaking is that you are making the Fire Stick fool to get access to those things in your Fire Stick that you have not paid for. Now, some of the common myths that you may hear about Jailbreaking are as follow. These are only myths, and you should avoid them.  

  1. You lose the warranty after Jailbreaking of Fire Stick.  

 It is just a myth about the Jailbreaking because the Jailbreaking does not overwrite the code on the operating system of your device. So, you should not worry about your warranty.

    2. To Jailbreak the Fire Stick is illegal, or To Jailbreak the FireStick not illegal:

 Very surprising and confusing it is! Right. Ok, let me clear the doubt for you. Actually, If you use the Jailbreaking in a grey area that’s mean to access those files only that you could easily access after payment, then you are nothing doing that much illegal to get arrested, because the Kodi that you use with the Jailbroken Fire Stick, is itself legal to use, but it has some illegal contents in its Add-ons that can let you go behind the jail that you cannot break easily.

    3.   If you Jailbreak the Amazon Fire Stick, your device will get slow down to work.:

It is not fully true. If you know better how to Jailbreak FireStick,   have applied the same, and you know how to use the jailbroken Fire Stick then you don’t need to worry about the performance of your device.

   4. Jailbreak makes your device less secure.

It is not fully true unless you do anything wrong when doing the Jailbreaking or if you are using the jailbroken Fire Stick the wrong way, and it is only possible if you don’t know how to jailbreak Fire TV Stick.

 5. Jailbreak cost you money

It is not fully true if you exactly knowhow to Jailbreak Amazon FirestickIf you know the way then you need to pay anything. What some people pay for, are just an amount charged to them if they hire someone to do the Jailbreaking for them.

I hope that by now, you may have a better understanding of the fact that what this Jailbreaking of Fire Stick actually is. Now it is time to see

How to Jailbreak Fire Stick

Here I am explaining the 3 methods to jailbreak Fire Stick. You can choose any of them that you want to.

how to jailbreak firestick

How to jailbreak Amazon fire stick

These methods are:-

  1. Using ES Explorer, where you don’t require the PC.
  2. Using a PC with ADBLINK
  3. With the help of Cetusplay.

While doing the Jailbreaking for your Fire Stick, you can use any three of the following app or all three, as per your choice.  

  1. Kodi
  2. Mobdro
  3. Showbox

Now let’s have a look on

How to Jailbreak Fire Stick using ES Explorer

First, let’s see what this ES Explorer is.

What is ES Explorer?

The ES File Explorer is one of the largest resource having more than about 300 millions downloadable files. The File Explorer supports more than 30+ languages. It is the most trending, and perhaps the largest marketplace for downloading apps and various such files. The File Explorer also has some amazing features such as

  1. You can batch rename files or folders.
  2. You can copy and paste multiple themes.
  3. You can search the local files.
  4. You can change the folder properties.
  5. You can open and create the Zip files.
  6. You can edit host files.
  7. You can encrypt any file or folder the password.
  8. You can hide the media.
  9. You can take control of your files and folders.
  10. You can save files directly to various cloud service, and many more.

I think that by now you may have got it that what this ES File Explorer is, and also many of you may have even guessed that what can be the use of the ES Explorer in Jailbreaking of the Amazon Fire Stick.

Now, coming to the main topic that is how to jailbreak the Fire Stick using ES Explorer. You just need to follow the steps given below very carefully, and your work will get done.

  1. Here the very first thing that you need to is to install and set up the ES File Explorer on your Fire Stick.
  2. Launch the ES File Explorer app.
  3. Now, go to the “Tool” option from “ES File Explorer” menu, and click on download manager that you can find in the left-hand menu.    
  4. Now choose the “+New” option, and choose ok.
  5. Now search Kodi or Mobdro or Showbox, whatever of them you want to install.
  6. Now choose the “Download now” option, and the app will be installed to your Fire Stick.

I hope that you may learn by now that how you can Jailbreak the Fire Stick.

Now it is time to see the 2nd trick to Jailbreak the Fire Stick.

Jailbreak the Fire Stick using ADBLINK

Again the Very first thing that we need to do is to know what this ADBLINK is.

What is ADBLINK?

The Adblink is known as the Companion program for the Fire TV and the Android Kodi and forks that allow users to sideload Kodi, without downloading Android SDK, and other such tools. It also gives you some amazing facilities like

  1. You can copy Files To and From the Kodi.
  2. You can get the backup of Kodi.
  3. You can root the Fire TV.
  4. You can mount the USB Drives and many more.

I guess that by now it may be crystal clear to you that what this ADBLINK is.

So now, if you wanna Jailbreak the firestick using ADBLINK, then you need to follow the steps given below.

  1. Install and configure the ADBLINK for your Fire Stick. To install and configure the Adblink you just have to follow the steps as mentioned below.
  2. Go to the Settings.
  3. Go to the Device.
  4. Go to the about, and choose the Network option.
  5. Now note down your IP address.
  6. Go to the Settings option.
  7. Go to the Device option.
  8. Visit the Developer option.
  9. Now turn the ADB debugging on.
  10. Now you need to download the ADBLINK for your Platform.
  11. Open the adblink.exe file. If you are opening it the very the first time, you need to create a new Fire TV device Profile.  You can create the profile by going to the “New” Option then provide the description, then put the IP address of the network of the Fire Stick you are connecting to. Now Find and choose the location for the pulled folder. The pulled Folder is the location where any files that are pulled from the Fire Stick, get stored. Leave rest of the option as it is, and Click saves.

  Now you have successfully installed and configured the ADBLINK on   your Fire Stick

        2. Now Select Install APK, and confirm the installation, and you are done with the installation of Kodi on your Fire Stick. You can access the Kodi app by going to Settings, then visiting the “Application” option, and then clicking on the “Manage Installed Applications”. Now you need to choose the “Kodi” option, and from there you can launch the application.

How To Jailbreak Fire Stick

I hope that you may have better understand the method to Jailbreak the Fire Stick using the ADBLINK.

Now it’s time to see that how can you Jailbreak the Fire Stick with the help of Cetusplay.

How to Jailbreak Fire stick using Cetusplay

Again, let’s first see what this Cetusplay is.

What is Cetusplay?

Cetusplay is a remote control app that functions for multiples purposes, and give support to a variety of features that includes the Touchpad, The Keyboard mode, and the mouse mode, and the multiple navigation modes using the direction pad. The Mouse mode works very fine on the Fire Stick.

Like the Fire TV Remote and the Android TV Remote, Cetus Play app requires spilling media player including Android TV, such as Google Nexus Player, NVIDIA Shield TV, Fire TV/Stick and Android TV Box like MXQ, MX Pro, H96 Pro, and M8S Box. The new and existing clients can likewise check installation and usage instructions provided in the app description on the App Store and Google Play. The most recent variant 3.4.6 of the app now underpins Arabic as well which was made conceivable by one of the app client baker Wazneh. The developers likewise welcome individuals to help in language localization of the app with the goal that more individuals can utilize it.

I guess that by now, you may be known to the fact what this Cetusplay is.

Now it’s time to see how you can use this Cetusplay to Jailbreak the Fire Stick.

How to Jailbreak Fire stick using Cetusplay

The very first thing that you have to do is to install the Cetusplay on your FireStick. For Installing the Cetusplay, you just need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. In the very first step, you need to enable the ADB Debugging on You’re Fire Stick.
  2. Now, in the Google play store, you need to install Kodi on Tablet / Android Smartphone / the IOS Device.
  3. Now, launch the Cetusplay and press the “Manage Connections” Option.
  4. Now press the icon of Fire Stick, and wait for Cetus play to get installed.  
  5. Once it’s done, enter the four-digit code that will display to you,and confirm.

You are done with installing the Cetusplay on Your Fire Stick.

Now it’s time to see how you can Jailbreak Fire Stick using Cetusplay that you have just installed.  

Just follow the steps mentioned below, and you will get that how easily you can install the Kodi on your Firestick, and thus you can jailbreak Fire TV Stick.

  1. What you need to do now in the very first step if the Cetusplay is already installed and configured, is to launch the Cetusplay App center, and find the app listing for Kodi.
  2. There you get the option to install Kodi. You need to press the “Install”Option.
  3. Once the installation gets completed, you can launch the Kodi, and Your Kodi is ready to use.
  4. Now you can easily use Cetusplay mouse app to control Kodi with the help of your Smartphone.

Here at Cetusplay, you can also download apps like Mobdro and Terrarium TV for your Fire Stick or the Fire TV.

I hope that through this article, I may have helped you to know the best way to Jailbreak the Fire Stick.

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