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Basic Troubleshooting Guide for Amazon Fire TV Stick By Customer Service

Here is an analysis of Amazon Fire TV issues which the users experience. After reading this tutorial, you can troubleshoot the most common Amazon Fire TV problems yourself.

1. Troubleshooting Fire TV loading issues

Since your Fire TV is an internet-centric gadget, it requires a reliable and quick internet connection for loading TV shows, music, and movies from the servers of Amazon.You must configure your Fire TV for using the Wi-Fi connection at home while you install it. If you find issues loading TV shows or movies, it’s possibly because something has gone wrong with the internet connection.

2. Resetting an Amazon Fire TV

In case you are experiencing software problems which are preventing you from enjoying your Fire TV streaming, you are recommended to run a soft reset. It will not remove your apps or account but will provide the gadget a scope to reload its OS and begin fresh.

3. Replacing the remote

Nobody prefers losing something they have invested their hard-earned money in. This goes twice for anybody who wished to utilize their Fire TV but couldn’t find it’s remote.This is one of the most common Fire TV problems which are simple to troubleshoot. Fortunately, you don’t require buying a completely new Fire TV simply to get a new remote. Remotes are available online at an affordable price. This solution works perfectly fine.

4. Switching on Closed Captioning

For switching on Closed Captioning which Amazon recommends as subtitles, press the Menu button on the remote of Fire TV after loading a TV show or movie. This button consists of 3 horizontal lines curved on top one another.

  • Open Subtitles and Audio.
  • Click on the ‘Off’ button on the screen to make it display ‘On’.
  • Hold down the Menu button to discard the Settings menu.

Follow the aforementioned tips to solve any type of Amazon Fire TV issue. Good luck!

Trouble in paradise for your Amazon Fire TV? Amazon has captured the market with their e-readers and media streaming devices. Although almost perfect, these devices too fall victim to the almighty technical glitches and operational issues.

Once that happens, you will be on the internet surfing through online forums looking for fixes. Is your Amazon Fire Stick not working? If your Amazon media streaming device is not working properly, here are some troubleshooting methods you can try to resolve the problem.

How to Update Amazon Fire Stick

This is one of the most common problems you will be facing with Amazon Fire Stick. Amazon releases new software updates to their device every now and then. To enjoy uninterrupted content, you need to update your software regularly.

To update you’re Software,

  • Open Fire Menu
  • Go to Settings > Device > About
  • Select Check for System Update

If there is a software update available, it will automatically start downloading. Simply select Install System Update to install the updates immediately after the download finishes up.

How to restart Amazon Fire Stick

If you are having problems with your Fire Stick, restarting the device is one of the most common solutions to these problems. To restart your Amazon Fire Stick, you need to press and hold the Select and Play/Pause button together for at least 5 seconds or go to Settings > Device > Restart from TV menu.

How to reset Amazon Fire Stick

If you are unable to resolve your Amazon Fire Stick problems any other way, there is a sure shot way to resolve all your problems. You can reset your Amazon Fire Stick device. Although, it should be used as a last resort because it will wipe out all of the data from your device and you will have to setup your device again.

To reset your device, you need to hold down the back button and the right button on your Fire Stick remote for at least 10 seconds. The reset screen will pop up and the process will initiate.

If you want to reset from setting, all you need to do is, Go to Settings > System > Reset to Factory Defaults. Enter your PIN code and select Reset. The device reset will initiate.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote not working

If your Fire stick remote won’t work, there are pools of possibilities. Maybe the remote is out of juice or broken. Try changing the batteries. In case of a battery leakage, clean the battery compartment before putting in the new batteries.

Still Amazon Fire Stick remote not is working? There is a possibility that your Amazon Fire remote not workings because it is broken. You need to buy another to replace the Fire stick remote not working. Until then, you can use the Amazon android application to access your Fire Stick.

Support for Amazon Fire Stick

When all fails and you cannot fix the issues with your device, you need to contact Amazon Fire Stick customer service. The Amazon Fire Stick support will address your queries and instruct you how to fix the problem or your future course of action.

Fixing Your Fire Stick Remote Is Just A Call Away!

Amazon Fire Stick restarts normally but if you find that the remote is not working, you can understand that there is something wrong with your Fire Stick remote. You need to fix it by getting Amazon Fire Stick customer service support. Let’s have a look at basic issues related to Fire Stick remote and their solutions.

1. Have you paired your Fire Stick remote?

Generally, the Fire Stick remote comes already paired with the device. If it’s not paired, you will need to do it manually. Or, there is a possibility it is not paired correctly if your Fire Stick remote is not functioning. Pairing is easy.Connect your Fire Stick to your TV. Switch on both your TV and Fire Stick. Hold down the Home button on the remote for almost 10 seconds when Fire Stick boots up. This pairs the Fire Stick remote and it should start functioning.

2. Verify the batteries of Fire Stick remote

Battery draining problem is a common scenario when you use Amazon Fire Stick remote. If the remote doesn’t work, there is a high possibility the batteries have run out of charge.Regardless of the problems, the single possible solution is to use the best quality alkaline batteries. These batteries keep the remote of your Fire Stick device to function the longest. Remember to purchase the branded alkaline batteries from a reputed manufacturer.

3. Some general solutions

There are different reasons which might lead to remote issues. Let’s have a look at the solutions:

  • Don’t keep many electrical gadgets near Fire Stick because it may lead to the interruption in the signal.
  • The Amazon Fire Stick remote’s distance from the gadget is a factor to ponder. It works perfectly if it’s within 10ft of the gadget. Bring the remote nearer to the TV if you have a large room.