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Nook Customer Service Support Phone number

Nook Customer Service– Are you having a problem with your Nook e-reader? There are many reasons why that could be. Developed by American book retailer Barnes & Noble, Nook is an Android based e-book reader, first announced in the United States in 2009.

Nook Customer Service Phone Number

The device is a Wi-Fi and 3G wireless connectivity enabled six-inch e-ink reader. There is also another smaller color touch screen that serves as the primary input device. You can log into Barnes and Noble’s – the parent company, official website to add new content to your device. For more information contact nook customer service number.

The device provides electronic ink (e-ink) display for viewing digital content. You can turn pages using the arrow buttons on each side of the device or by swiping left and right. Read books without the wireless connection, which also extends the battery life. The device also has a expandable MicroSD slot for extra storage, web browser, a built-in dictionary, Chess, Sudoku, audio player, speakers, and a 3.5 mm earphone slot.

Nook Tech Support Phone Number

Often users complain of sudden errors in their Nook e-reader device, which is quite normal for a smart device like e-readers, smart phones and tablets. Every now and then, you may find yourself looking for troubleshooting methods to resolve the latest issue in your device.

Most of these issues are minor and easily resolvable. You can try some of the troubleshooting methods available on various third-party websites. If you don’t trust third-party websites, you can also visit the Nook official website; most manufacturers are also navigating troubleshooting pages for users’ convenience.

Nook Support & Help Toll Free Phone Number

However, there are times simple troubleshooting methods don’t help resolve your issues. If that is the case, you need to get assistance from technical support representatives. You can reach out to the support via phone or email. You can find the Nook support phone number on the manufacturer’s official website. Simply check the ‘Contact’ or ‘Help’ page.