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Kindle Fire Slow, Here is The Best Solutions

For all lovers of Kindle Fire, it’s a scary nightmare to face Kindle Fire Slow problem, and they may surely feel like as of evil dead, as I usually do when I want to enjoy my Kindle Fire, but I cannot do so because, Oh shit! “My Kindle Fire is slow” and I ask myself as a heartbroken lover, that “What’s the hell is going on!” as if she is my beloved who have cheated me.

Oh, of course, she is. I love my Kindle Fire a lot.

With my hard and smart research, I have come through some ways that my so-called girlfriend “Kindle Fire Stick”  can never cheat me now ever.

Here I am gonna to write this blog to let you guys know what those ways are so that you can also enjoy with your so-called beloved “Kindle Fire” and you can overcome the Kindle Fire running slow problem.

So, you guys wanna to know those ways!


Ok, Today I  “Bryan Cranston”  A “Tech Blogger” is here to help you out to let you know that how to solve the Kindle Fire Slow problem the best way.

So, what are we waiting for!

So, let’s get started.

So, first of all,

Should not you know the reason why your girlfriend “Kindle Fire” is so angry, and why Kindle Fire is so slow!

Let’s see

Why is Kindle Fire working slow

  1. If your girlfriend is hungry then how you can hope her to smile and to be active for you!. The same way, how can you hope that your Kindle fire should not freeze or get slower even if it is hungry or not charged enough to perform!. So, it must be one of the reasons for your Kindle Fire is getting slow
  1. Now, let me ask you a question. Can you hope your girlfriend to have a happy time for you if she already has lots of workloads to deal with!

        Obviously No.

The same way, how can you hope your Kindle to work better for you, if it already has lots of files downloading behind the scene.  

  1. Corrupted Files or Virus Infected files may also be one of the reasons why your Kindle Fire is slow to load the webpage. It is the same as the situation when your girlfriend is surrounded by some hidden villains who are just pretending to be her friends and relatives.
  1. Being a middle-class boy, can you handle the expenses of a high society girl?

Obviously, no.

Exactly, the same thing happens

when your Kindle Fire tries to open too large files.

  1. Your Kindle memory is already full, and you are trying to load a new page, and still thinking “why is my Kindle Fire so slow”, is just like you are proposing an already married girl to marry you, but you got rejected and still thinking that why she had rejected you.
  1. Sometimes, things are just anonymous for you. Before you can get it that what is happening actually around you, you just end up with losing your love. Same anonymous type condition may also occur with your Kindle Fire.

Now, I hope that you may have got that Why your Kindle Fire may possibly be slow?

Now let’s see

How to solve the Kindle Fire slow problem.

Here, I am enlisting all those things that you should take care of, even if your Kindle Fire is working fine. Also, these are remedies for Kindle Fire Hanging


  1. You should make sure that your Kindle Fire is charged enough to use. Kindle Fire battery should never be lower than 15%, and if it does, then you should always avoid using it. In simple words, you should feed up your Girlfriend properly
  1. While using Kindle Fire, you should take care that none of the files should be download simultaneously. Doing this is as same as if you are reducing the workload over your girlfriend. And, believe me, guys, It increases love.
  1. You should delete all possible corrupted files from your Kindle Fire. Doing this is as like as you are really taking care of your girlfriend by forbidding her to have a friendship with bad characters.
  1. If you want to open a too much large file on your Kindle then you should either break that files into parts, and then you can easily access them through your Kindle Fire, or else you should avoid opening them through Kindle. It is just like, being from a middle-class family, you should either let your high-class girlfriend know what you are actually, or you should just stop loving her. Oh, come on dude, don’t do showing-off if you really love her, and if she really loves you then she is never going to left you alone. She doesn’t care who you are.
  1. You should check your Kindle Fire memory at some regular interval, and you should always delete those files that you don’t need anymore. It is just like you should not love an already married girl.
  1. If you have tried all possible ways but still your Kindle Fire is loading slow then the reason is anonymous and you should first restart the Kindle to see if everything works fine after that or not, if not then you should contact your customer care executive to guide you the best possible way to overcome the problem. You should carefully follow their instructions and do the same.

Whether living or non-living, everything needs care and love. If you don’t love them, and if you don’t care about them then you also should not expect love and care. So, you as a Kindle Fire lover should love and care your Kindle as your girlfriend.

I hope that I may have helped you through this blog. I hope that, by now, you are well familiar with all possible reasons for Kindle Fire getting slow and also how to overcome the Kindle Fire Slow problem.

Feel free to ask your queries through the comment box below, and subscribe to my blog to get more interesting information further.

Have a good time 🙂

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