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Solution For Kindle Fire Frozen or paperwhite Frozen Screen

For all Kindle Fire lovers, it’s a scary and deadly dream that Kindle Fire is getting the freeze.

As a Kindle Fire lover, it hurts a lot when you wanna read your favorite novel or content on your Kindle, but you find that Kindle Fire has frozen.

It’s very simple to resolve the Kindle Fire frozen issue. Before going into the solution you need to know what the problem actually is. After that, I will tell you that how to get rid of Kindle Fire screen frozen problem or paperwhite Fire Screen problem

Let’s Start with

What the Kindle Fire Frozen problem is!

Let me explain with some of the examples that will make the things crystal clear for you.

  1. You are reading content on your Kindle Fire, you tried to scroll down the Kindle page, but you get yourself helpless to do so. What’s this!
  2. You are trying to open your favorite content on your Kindle Fire, but you end up with just seeing the white screen and nothing else. What’s this!
  3. You just have started your Kindle Fire, but found that it is taking too hard to get started. What’s this!
  4. You wanna read your favorite content from your stored files, but you are shocked to see there is nothing that you have stored. What’s this!

Actually, all these are symptoms of a Kindle Fire frozen problem.

Kindle Fire frozen

Now, I think that you may have a better understanding of the problem that what it is actually.

Why Kindle Fire Frozen problem occurs

So, now it’s time to know the culprit behind the problem.

Those culprits may be:-

  1. Corrupted or virus infected files: – Virus may destroy anything whether it’s a living being or an operating system related devices. When it comes to a device that is being operated through any operating system whether it’s your Smartphone or your PC, the virus present there may cause serious damage to your device. The same thing applies for the Kindle Fire, and thus it may be the reason for Kindle Fire Frozen problem to occur. Such devices get the virus through corrupted files installed to them. These corrupted files may contain harmful digital viruses whether knowingly or unknowingly. 
  2. Low battery: – It’s very common to get that a hungry person cannot work better or even he cannot perform at all. So, how can we hope the Kindle Fire to work if it is hungry and if it needs charging the battery!
  3. Something downloading at the back end:- As a human, we lose our efficiency to perform if we have mountains of work to do, the same way, how can we hope the Kindle Fire to perform better if it is already engaged in downloading something.  
  4. Touch glass of Kindle is so dirty, and thus the sensor is unable to work: – There is a proverb that a dirty body and a dirty mind can never be heroic in performing well. So, the same is the situation here applied to the Kindle Fire.
  5. Using outdated Version of Kindle Fire: – The version of the Kindle Fire that you have may be outdated and thus your Kindle fire maybe getting frozen. It is as same as I am trying to wear those clothes now at the age of 26 that I had been wearing in my childhood.
  6. Incompatible Environmental Conditions: – The temperature of the environment puts a heavy impact on your Kindle Fire. Being too much cold or too hot may also lead to a Kindle Fire frozen problem. Everything in this world is limited to work under certain environmental condition range. If they cross the limit, they surely can’t perform better or even they can stop working at all.

I hope that now you may have got the reasons why Kindle Fire Frozen Problem usually occurs.

kindle fire Screen frozen

Now it’s time to let you know the way to solve the Kindle Fire frozen problem.

So, let’s move on

How to solve the Kindle Fire Frozen Problem

  1. Push and hold the power button for about 45 seconds. Release the power button, and press it again. It restarts your Kindle Fire. Sometimes this may solve the problem for you, and your Kindle Fire may start working again.
  2. Remove unnecessary, virus infected and corrupted files immediately. To remove any items or files from your Kindle library is just a matter of minutes.

You just have to follow these steps

  •             Click here and then login in with asked credentials.
  •            Now search for the option ‘My Send-to-Kindle Docs’ under ‘All Files’ menu.
  •            Now you can see all the documents you have stored to the kindle, just select and delete as you wish.

You can also delete the virus infected files from the “Manage your content and devices” option where you can get the stored files and you can delete them permanently.

  • Never let your Kindle battery lower than 15%. Every tech experts always advise not to use any electronic devices that are being operated through battery if it’s the battery is getting lower than 15% of charge. Using the devices with the low charged battery may not only affect the life and performance of the battery but sometimes it may also cause some serious glitches to your device.
  • Make sure that you are not downloading anything at the backend when you are surfing your Kindle Fire. By downloading anything in your Kindle Fire when you are surfing the Kindle Fire, you are increasing the workload over your Kindle Fire, and by stopping the download you are making your Kindle Fire working in a tension-free environment, and thus your Kindle Fire may perform better.
  • Please update your Kindle Fire to its latest version. Updating is so easy. You just have to follow this link   
  • Never use your Kindle Fire within the forbidden temperature range.

I hope that this blog may be helpful for you, and you may have learned how to resolve the Kindle Fire frozen issue.

Feel free to ask your queries through the comment box below and subscribe to my blog to get more interesting information further.

Have a good time 🙂

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