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How to Reset Your Kindle Password: A Pro Guide

All users find an option in their Kindle e-reader for setting a password in Settings menu under device options which password safeguards Kindles so the users need to type a password for switching their Kindle Reader on.

The password is a different thing from the parental controls pass code which you can fix for limiting some features of your e-reader, with the inclusion of accessing to the cloud, Kindle Store, the experimental website browser, and Good reads.

The password option can be accessed on the Kindle Paper white 2 and 3, Kindle Oasis, the present entry-level Kindle Touch, and Kindle Voyage.

Fixing your password is simple. Simply navigate to Settings, then Device Options, and next, Device Pass code, and finally enter a number code with 1-12 digits. In case you don’t utilize your Kindle for a moment, it can be quite easy to forget your password.

In case you forgot the password, there is a simple process to fix it but it will reset the device to factory settings; thereby, all the content will be deleted, with the inclusion of your Amazon account details and the password.

Your Kindle e-reader books stay in the cloud, so you will need to log back into your Amazon account, fix wireless, and download the entire things again after resetting the device.

In order to reset your Kindle device 6th gen or Kindle Touch 4th gen:

  • Select the password field.
  • Now type 111222777 and click OK.

For resetting a Kindle Keyboard 3rd-gen or Kindle 5th gen:

  • Type Reset My Kindle into the field of the password.
  • Click the Enter key.

Want to use your Kindle device again? Connect it to Wi-Fi and sign up your device. Any content you have bought from Amazon is saved automatically to the Cloud. It’s possible to download content from the Cloud if you register your device to your account again.  For more information contact our kindle customer service number.

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